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About the Huottuja Foundation

International non-governmental, non-state and non-profit organization founded by leaders of Piaroa villages located in Colombia and Venezuela. The Foundation is authorized and dedicated to the progress, promotion, protection and preservation of Huottuja (Piaroa) culture, customs, heritage, independence, indigeneity, intellectual property, knowledge, language, sovereignty, territory, traditions, and way of life as an endemic autonomous people of the Northern Amazon (Guiana Highlands) and Orinoco River watersheds within the countries of Colombia and Venezuela. The Huottuja Foundation was established to oversee the implementation of sustainable development initiatives, certify the origin of cultural products, create a bridge for direct-trade relationships, serve as a fair-trade agency and transact business internationally notwithstanding the states of Colombia and Venezuela on the behalf of the Piaroa People. US Law recognizes the Huottuja Foundation an Indigenous Authority notwithstanding its state under Title 22 U.S. Code § 262p–4o capable of protection of the territorial rights, traditional economies, cultural integrity, traditional knowledge and human rights of the Special Indigenous Jurisdiction of the Huottuja Nation.

The Huottuja of the Catañiapo River Watershed have taken it upon themselves to form organizations, demarcate their territory, run-off paramilitary threats and recover their indigenous heritage notwithstanding the national government. Photo: Lander Altuve, Prensa ULA

Legal Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Cause

The foundation was commissioned extralegally on September 03, 2021 under the authoritative engagement of sovereign Huottuja De'aruhua leaders with Globcal International as members to represent their Special Indigenous Legal Jurisdiction to autonomously establish an Internet Domain, constitute an international foundation and register as a foreign resident non-profit, indigenous, and non-governmental commission from the Republic of Colombia. The Huottuja Foundation is a subsidiary program commissioned by Globcal International under Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation listed on Guidestar as tax-exempt ID 61-1259384 according to 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, all contributions to the Huottuja Foundation Fiduciary are tax-exempt laissez-faire under the COP Paris Climate Treaty, Nagoya Protocol, UNDRIP, UN SDGs, and International law.

Who are the Huottuja?

Historically the Piaroa are known as the most peaceful naturally established society (nation or tribe) in South America, we are on the Peaceful Societies List along with the Amish and the Hutterites who are very well-known for their non-offensive disciplined traditional lifestyles in North America.

Our pacifism and humility has contributed greatly to illegal entry and abuses in the Piaroa Nation and reduction of our territory. Traditionally the Huottüja are a decentralized anarchist society composed of 150+ villages with just as many community leaders. We have been obligated to form a government to maintain our rights and territory.

We have found that the best way to align ourselves with the world is to embrace our cultural identity and heritage by understanding our rights, preventing abuse and forcing our rightful recognition we will overcome.

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Children on the Catañiapo River playing volleyball.