Huottüja De'aruhua (Piaroa) Topics

From 2021-2030 the 17 SDGs and their 169 related objectives are the priority that has come to be the preservation of our culture, customs, heritage, language, territory and traditions, we are moving forward.

Topics of Interest (Study Subjects)

The topics covered by the website are extensive, we have located over 2,000 references to our people starting as early as 1639. Donations and grants will help us pull together the information on many of these topics so they can be addressed and analyzed to publish our original content and references. This is a list of proposed chapters for this website section based on subject matter (topics) which may be recategorized within a broader parent topic.

  • Aquaculture

  • Agriculture

  • Agroforestry

  • Art

  • Clothing

  • Cosmogony

  • Crafts

  • Culture

  • Customs

  • Dance

  • Economy

  • Environment

  • Ethnobotany

  • Handicrafts

  • Heritage

  • History

  • Indigenous Knowledge (IK)

  • Indigenous Intellectual Property (IIP)

  • Language

  • Medicinal Plants

  • Music

  • Mythology

  • Obstacles/Problems

    • Broadband Access

    • Clean Water

    • Education

    • Electricity (Energy)

    • Health Care

    • Sanitation

    • Transportation

    • Waste Control

  • Philosophy

  • Religion

  • Shamanism

  • Social Structure