De'Aruhuä Indigenous Chocolate

Nutritional chocolate and couverture products made by the Guardians of the Forest

Piaroa Organic Wild (POW) Cacao

Invest in our Chocolate Cooperative

The De'Aruhuä Cooperative Group plans to provide expertly produced Pure Organic Wild (POW) chocolate bars with the best of our premium cocoa beans from a state-of-the-art batch production kitchen (factory) which we are projecting to build in 2022/23 under an international cooperation and management program focused on environmental protection, provisioning ecosystem services and forming economic sustainability with indigenous forest farmers from 13 villages.

The factory will produce 10+ tons of fine aromatic organic nutrient-rich superfood chocolate per year (120,000 chocolate bars) using our special recipes that include exotic jungle fruits and red cane sugar. The factory and the chocolate produced there will bear the name "De'Aruhuä Indigenous Chocolate," made from Piaroa Organic Wild (POW) Cacao. The project eliminates the need for an intermediary supply chain allowing farmers to obtain maximum value from their crop, in an interview during 2019 we called it a "forest-to-bar" supply chain based on our indigenous knowledge for chocolate produced by forest people at its source and sent to customers around the world. We have some unique recipes and variations to offer using rare forest fruits, medicinal plants, melipona honey, seeds, spices, vegetables and other natural foods exclusively from our forests.

Tax-Free Investment Opportunity

Under a special program investments can be made under the conditions of a tax-exempt private activity bond, a private placement memorandum, or by purchasing a 1% or less interest as a stakeholder in the project.

De'Aruhuä Indigenous Chocolate Cooperative

The De'Aruhuä Project is being developed to provide a secure source of funding for the indigenous Piaroa of communities on the Catañiapo, Cuao and Alta Paraguaza rivers for their production of cacao, cupuacu and non-wood forest harvests by facilitating us to make our own chocolate bars with a state-of-the-art small-batch bean-to-bar production factory.

The project is being organized by Globcal International as a United Nations SDG Action Campaign and targets 12 of 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs; the project is newsworthy and deserves recognition in the areas of environmental protection, indigenous rights, sustainability, alleviating poverty, human rights, equality and women's empowerment.

Project Development

A cooperative legal formation for the De'Aruhuä social enterprise will be in the neutral offshore jurisdiction of Colombia will be overseen by Globcal International to form an fiduciary trust with Ecology Crossroads for the Piaroa so they may transparently access the global market free of corruption, discrimination and impropriety; rights that they possess under the United Nations, Private International Law, Maritime Law and their rights under the Vatican, Holy See. The business is being formed to be exempt of customs duties, trade restrictions, and international sanctions because the product is produced by indigenous peoples with a social purpose under law.

Two men in the forest bagging cocoa beans.
Cacao of the Ajeteoto Creek Village

Become a Cooperative Member

Membership shares have an initial base value of $10 USD in our cooperative, they cost $10 USD each here on our website, they will be sold on Indiegogo for $11 USD each starting in late December of 2022 to offset (crowdfunding) fundraising costs. You can become a full voting member and earn an annual dividend by purchasing 500-1,000 shares, or you can become a non-voting cooperative shareholder by purchasing 100 shares or more.

There are a total of 100,000 cooperative membership shares available, a person can become a (non-voting member) consumer of the cooperative by purchasing as few as 10 shares for $100 USD which they can redeem for chocolate once we start producing it. To become considered an authorized distributor/reseller of our product a person must buy at least 25 shares which is $250 USD.

To be considered a legal shareholder or work as an employee-owner of the cooperative a person must own a minimum of 100 cooperative shares, only those with 100 shares or more are eligible to earn an annual dividend, view the business plan or benefit through purchase agreements from the cooperative production of raw cacao.

cacao fruits on tree

Offers and Terms


  • Equity Offering: $5,000 | 500 shares of Non-Voting or Voting Stock

  • Member Offering: $10,000 | 1,000 shares of Voting Common Stock

  • Min. Investor Offering: $1,100 | 100 shares Non-Voting Subscription

  • Min. Member Offering: $1,000 | 100 shares Non-Voting Membership


  • 49,000 shares of Non-Voting Class A Stock valued at $490,000

  • 45,000 shares of Voting Member Class B Stock valued at $450,000

Non-Voting Class A Preferred Stock - 42 Month, 15% Dividend, 3x Reval Cap

  • Purchase Price of Security Offered: $11.00

  • Minimum Investment Amount (per investor): $1,100 USD

Voting Member Class B Common Stock - 5 year Membership Commitment

  • Purchase Price of Security Offered: $10.00

  • Minimum Investment Amount (per investor): $1,000 USD


To become a voting (active or inactive) cooperative member, a person should buy 1,000 Class B shares for $10,000 to be recognized as a full 1% voting member in the De'Aruhuä Cooperative & Trust, or they can join as a reserved invested member by purchasing 500 shares for $5,000, reserved invested members will have the ability to purchase 500 more shares to become a 1% voting member using their dues and dividends over 5 years.

Investment Limit: Persons owning 1,000 shares or more all have one (1) equal vote each, no single person may own more than 1,000 membership Class B Shares with no more than 9,000 additional investment Class A Shares, there is a maximum cooperative membership of 100 (active) voting members. Organizations or persons invested with 5,000-10,000 are considered sponsors or founders, but still limited to one person, one vote if conjoined as members.


Investors (as non-members) can subscribe or lease equitable Class A Preferred Shares for $11 each (minimum 100 shares) beginning October 15, 2022 for a potential return of 2x-3x in 42 months plus a 15% dividend compounded annually. These shares represent 49% of all the shares which is consistent with our fundraising goal.

The craft modern chocolate factory we want to establish is planned to be built and opened in time for the next harvest arriving in July 2023, meanwhile we are attending to our 20,000+ cacao trees as the fruits begin to set.

Social Media

@DeAruhua is active online promoting our Indigenous Chocolate Factory with AngelList, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.