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Contact the Huottuja Foundation

The Huottuja Foundation's role is to promote the economic well-being of the Piaroa Nation and Huottuja People. You can contact us by email with your general questions or if you are a sponsor or supporting member you can schedule a visit to our territory. We can also provide legal assistance or documentation for commercial transactions, customs duties, research projects and non-commercial activities within our territory. US Citizens are required to enter Piaroa Territory via Colombia where they may be provided with a conditional visa and ma7y require a chaperone. Feel free to ask whatever question you like regarding subjects not listed here or on Wikipedia, the foundation is an amicable starting point for international contact with the Piaroa. Persons that evade the Huottuja government or enter under personal conditions with Piaroa families may be considered unlawful, be asked to depart and are subject to legal action and discipline in the Las Pavas Court.