Membership Builds Strength

Your Support Demonstrates Compassion and Wisdom

Join the Huottuja Foundation

You do not need to be Indigenous to join the Huottuja Foundation, and you do not have to belong to the Huottuja-De'aruhua Tribe; what is important is that you believe in our ability to govern ourselves, educate our children in our culture, and form a civil society free of hegemony of the church or state. We want and must govern ourselves upon our native traditional territory.

Your participation is important to us, it strengthens us knowing that we are acknowledged and recognized independently of the settler states, Colombia and Venezuela established 200 years ago. It is important to our rights as a civil society organization that our identity is not confused with the politics or practices of Hispanic people from states, because we are a culturally and traditionally distinct ethnic group with a collective belief system and our own language.

Your participation is important because we are trying to reconcile a 500 year history of being exploited, invaded, predated and capitalized upon; it is important to us that there are people in the world that believe in us and have enough confidence in us to help us protect our territory from oblivion. It is our objective to keep our home full of trees and animals for the world to enjoy it. Please help us by becoming a member, your voice will make a difference.

Membership Benefits

We created various membership levels and will treat members accordingly with great honor and respect whichever role you choose, the amounts reflect the same economic dividend we would like to pass on as a foundation to these individual people in these respected Indigenous Tribal Community roles each week based on our Indigenous Philanthropy and Autonomy Program to provide ecosystem services with Ecology Crossroads in the United States.

Please bear with us, this is obviously all new to us, less than 2 years old (as an International foundation) and being guided by our consensual partners and mentors at Globcal International which are engaged with the Piaroa as stakeholders with 27 acre and 10 acre ecotourism properties in our territory.

Become a Forest Guardian Member

We are trying to save our forests and river valleys from invasion and occupation of prospectors and illegal loggers. There are no legal logging activities anywhere on our territory, but hundreds of acres are lost each year. To prevent further loss we are organizing the "Guardians of the Forest" (De'aruhua) here in the Amazon. For every 4 members we can get at this level of $1,000 - $1200 per year we can create one new full-time conservation officer job position.

Basically one job is created for every thousand dollars we raise each month from any and all sources of income, all funds raised for the foundation are implemented by the Foundation programs and Piaroa People. We will be counting especially on the Forest Guardians to deliver on Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Agreements we establish with retail and wholesale carbon markets.

Currently we only really have one legal requirement under international law, that is to establish a friendly, honorable and supportive relationship with you. As an Offshore International Foundation in formation the minimum requirement under the Belize International Foundation Act and CARICOM for membership in such a civil society organization that can be called "good consideration" in an "international transaction" is $100 USD (2013).