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All Funds Benefit Qualified Sustainable Development Programs

Support the Huottuja Foundation

International supporting membership is required in order to establish a legal international relationship with the Huottuja Foundation. To become a Patron of the Huottüja Foundation: individuals, corporations and organizations are requested to donate a minimum of $1,000 during their first year to create employment for one person for one month, to protect his/her living forest and natural heritage as a trained forester.

Join the Foundation

To collaborate, make contractual arrangements, or engage in commerce with the Huottüja, or to visit our communities as a guest; the foundation requires customers, patrons and sponsors to join as members in order to establish a legal international relationship in law with our fourth-world Indigenous nation.

You can also be recognized honorarily as a member of the Huottüja (Piaroa) tribe by making a symbolic donation of $5,000 or more to our charitable foundation. All donations directly support our project initiatives and developments listed on our Projects Page.

Becoming a member of our foundation online has other benefits as well, it implies a specific friendly relationship between you as a member of your state or nation and the Huottüja people notwithstanding the national government or the political state, the minimum member costs are outlined below.

  • General Membership - $100 USD annually

  • Visiting Membership - $250 USD per visit or annually (per person)

  • Business Membership - $500 - $1,000 USD annually

  • Honorary Citizenship - $5,000 USD one-time individual contribution

  • Goodwill Ambassadorship - $2,500 - $50,000 project patronage

Use the PayPal button, use the QR-Code or click this link now to join the foundation as a member.

Use the QR-Code to donate.

Establish a Benevolent Relationship

If you are joining as a prerequisite for making a proposal, purchasing merchandise, establishing a contract, travelling to our nation, or visiting us you can do so by making a donation to demonstrate your goodwill or as a tribute. A minimum donation of $100 qualifies to create an annual recurring member relationship. Please see our Membership Page for different levels of membership.